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As if Halloween wasn’t scary enough, Baked A La Ska are back and casting a hideous floating eyeball over some of the most beloved spooky classics of all time. Join the band for their freakish fifth album: Skalloween.
Recoil in horror as favourites such as “Ghostbusters”, “The Addams Family” and “Ghost Riders In The Sky” all receive the band’s trademark skanking treatment. Shriek in fright as the legendary Mancunian ska heavyweights bring ghoulish good times to 10 classic halloween cuts including madcap originals such as first single “Calling All Ghosts” and their nod to Scooby Doo, “Pesky Kids”.

As ever, the band’s increasingly ridiculous range of vocalists: Frank N. Stein, Grave Robin Sunflower, Tom B. Stone and Kuntri Ranks share vocal duties. There’s even room for up and coming MC Darth Vader on a dubbed up version of Star Wars’ Imperial March.

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